Terms & Conditions


If you are not completely happy with a product, I will send you another product of your choice of equal or a bit greater value or I fully refund your money including postage costs.


If a product is damaged or otherwise unusable, you do not need to return it. Just let me know, possibly with a picture and I will send you another one.
If it is in good condition, but wrong size, color etc, you can give it away as promotional material and ask for a new one for free.

Shipment usually takes 1-2 weeks. Though in some rare cases it may take up to 3-4 weeks.

Shipment fee is a flat fee of US$ 5.00 worldwide, also for several items, so order more items to save on shipping!

I'm shipping by the Postal Service (USPS) from Hungary, Europe. Any faster shipping method like UPS or Fedex would cost around $ 100 from here to the USA, so it has never been an option.